1970 – Three Sisters

★★★☆☆ UK. 2h45m. Drama. Directed by Laurence Olivier, John Sichel. Written by Moura Budberg (screenplay) and Anton Chekhov (“Three Sisters”). Cinematography by Geoffrey Unsworth. Edited by Jack Harris. Music by William Walton. Starring Jeanne Watts, Joan Plowright, Louise Purnell, Derek Jacobi, Sheila Reid, Kenneth MacKintosh, Daphne Heard, Judy Wilson, Mary Griffiths, Ronald Pickup, Laurence Olivier, Alan Bates.

Based on the 1901 play by Anton Chekhov. The final feature film directed by Olivier. The film was based on a 1967 theatre production that Olivier had directed at the Royal National Theatre. Both the theatrical production and the film used the translation from the original Russian by Moura Budberg. The film was released in the U.S. in 1974 as part of the American Film Theatre. This was a series of thirteen film adaptations of stage plays shown to subscribers at about 500 movie theaters across the country.