Term Of Trial (1962)

★★★★☆ UK. 2h10m. Drama. Directed by Peter Glenville. Written by Peter Glenville (screenplay) and James Barlow (“Term Of Trial”). Cinematography by Oswald Morris. Edited by Jim Clark. Music by Jean-Michel Damase. Starring Laurence Olivier, Simone Signoret, Sarah Miles, Terence Stamp, Hugh Griffith, Roland Culver, Dudley Foster.

Graham Weir is an alcoholic schoolteacher whose criminal record for refusing to fight during World War II has prevented him from progressing further in his teaching career. Now, years later, he is married to a very embittered wife and is a teacher in a school with many disaffected pupils. While at the school, he meets Shirley Taylor, a new girl who develops a crush on him. Graham does not realise it, but Shirley’s infatuation will lead to serious trouble, including the threat of a false sexual molestation charge.

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