Mulholland Drive (2001)

★★★★★ USA / France. 2h26m. Mystery / Thriller. Directed by David Lynch. Written by David Lynch. Cinematography by Peter Deming. Edited by Mary Sweeney. Music by Angelo Badalamenti. Starring Naomi Watts, Laura Elena Harring, Justin Theroux, Ann Miller, Mark Pellegrino, Robert Forster, Brent Briscoe, Dan Hedaya, Angelo Badalamenti, Monty Montgomery, Lee Grant, James Karen, Chad Everett, Richard Green, Rebekah Del Rio.

The story of an aspiring actress named Betty Elms (Watts), newly arrived in Los Angeles, who meets and befriends an amnesiac woman (Harring) recovering from a car accident. The story follows several other vignettes and characters, including a Hollywood film director (Theroux). Mulholland Drive is widely regarded as one of Lynch’s finest works.

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