Saboteur (1942)

★★★★☆ USA. 1h49m. Thriller. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Written by Peter Viertel, Joan Harrison, Dorothy Parker. Cinematography by Joseph A. Valentine. Edited by Otto Ludwig. Music by Frank Skinner. Starring Robert Cummings, Priscilla Lane, Otto Kruger, Alan Baxter, Clem Bevans, Norman Lloyd, Alma Kruger.

Aircraft factory worker Barry Kane is accused of starting a fire at the Stewart Aircraft Works in Glendale, California — an act of sabotage that killed his friend Mason. Kane believes the real culprit is a man named Fry who, during their efforts to put out the fire, handed him a fire extinguisher filled with gasoline, which he passed on to Mason. When the investigators find no one named “Fry” on the list of plant workers, they assume Kane is the culprit.

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