1957 – The Prince And The Showgirl

★★★☆☆ UK / USA. 1h55m. Comedy / Romance. Directed by Laurence Olivier. Written by Terence Rattigan (screenplay) and Terence Rattigan (“The Sleeping Prince”). Cinematography by Jack Cardiff. Edited by Jack Harris. Music by Richard Addinsell. Starring Marilyn Monroe, Laurence Olivier, Sybil Thorndike, Richard Wattis, Jeremy Spenser, Paul Hardwick, Esmond Knight, Rosamund Greenwood, Aubrey Dexter, Maxine Audley.

The film is set in London in June 1911. George V will be crowned king on 22 June and in the preceding days many important dignitaries arrive. Among those arriving are the 16-year-old King Nicholas VIII of the (fictional) Balkan country of Carpathia, with his father the widower Prince Regent, Charles (Laurence Olivier) and his maternal grandmother the widowed Queen dowager of Carpathia, considered to be inspired by King Michael of Romania, Carol II of Romania, and Queen Marie of Romania.

The British government decide that keeping Carpathia in the Triple Entente is critical during the rising tensions in Europe. They find it necessary to pamper the royals during their stay in London, and thus civil servant Northbrook (Richard Wattis) is detached to their service.

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