1955 – The Quatermass Xperiment

★★★☆☆ UK. 1h22m. Sci-Fi / Horror. Directed by Val Guest. Written by Richard Landau, Val Guest (screenplay) and Nigel Kneale (“The Quatermass Experiment”). Cinematography by Walter J. Harvey. Edited by James Needs. Music by James Bernard. Starring Brian Donlevy, Richard Wordsworth, Jack Warner, David King-Wood, Margia Dean, Maurice Kaufmann, Harold Lang, Lionel Jeffries, John Wynn, Jane Asher, Toke Townley, Bartlett Mullins.

Three astronauts have been launched into space aboard a single stage to orbit rocket. The returning spacecraft, designed by Professor Quatermass, crash lands with only one of its original crew aboard, Victor Carroon (Richard Wordsworth). Something has infected him during the spaceflight, and he begins mutating into an alien organism which, if it spawns, will engulf the Earth and destroy humanity. When the mutating Carroon escapes from custody, Quatermass and Scotland Yard’s Inspector Lomax (Jack Warner), have just hours to track it down and prevent a catastrophe. Like its source TV serial, the film was a major success in the UK and brought public attention to Hammer Film Productions’ name around the world.

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