1936 – Secret Agent

★★★☆☆ UK. 1h26m. Thriller. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Written by Charles Bennett, Alma Reville, Ian Hay, Jesse Lasky Jr. (screenplay) and Campbell Dixon (“Secret Agent”) and W. Somerset Maugham (story). Cinematography by Bernard Knowles. Edited by Charles Frend. Starring John Gielgud, Madeleine Carroll, Peter Lorre, Robert Young, Percy Marmont, Florence Kahn, Charles Carson, Lilli Palmer.

An author who is also a British captain is asked to undertake a secret mission: to identify and eliminate a German agent on his way to Arabia to stir up trouble in the Middle East. Upon agreeing, he’s given a new identity (Richard Ashenden), a fake death, and the assistance of a killer known variously as “the Hairless Mexican” and “the General” (Lorre), though he’s not bald, Mexican or a general. When “Ashenden” arrives there, he is surprised to find that the secret service has also provided him with an attractive wife

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