1963 – The Ugly American

★★★☆☆ USA. 2h. Adventure. Directed by George Englund. Written by Stewart Stern (screenplay) and Eugene Burdick, William Lederer (“The Ugly American”). Cinematography by Clifford Stine. Edited by Ted J. Kent. Music by Frank Skinner. Starring Marlon Brando, Eiji Okada, Sandra Church, Pat Hingle, Arthur Hill, Jocelyn Brando, Kukrit Pramoj, Judson Pratt.

American ambassador Harrison MacWhite (Marlon Brando) travels to a Southeast Asian country beleaguered by rival factions, but MacWhite views the political situation only in the simplest terms: as a struggle between communism and democracy. By the time that the ambassador finally sees the resultant political upheaval as something far more complicated, it may be too late.

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