1929 – The Vagabond Lover

★★★☆☆ USA. 1h5m. Comedy / Musical. Directed by Marshall Neilan. Written by James Ashmore Creelman. Cinematography by Leo Tover. Edited by Arthur Roberts. Music by Harry M. Woods, Victor Baravalle. Starring Rudy Vallee, Sally Blane, Marie Dressler, Charles Sellon, Norman Peck, Danny O’Shea, Edward J. Nugent, Nella Walker, Malcolm Waite, Alan Roscoe.

A film about a small-town boy who finds fame and romance when he joins a dance band. The Vagabond Lover is an early example of a vehicle created for a popular music star, in a style echoed by later films such as Jailhouse Rock with Elvis Presley and A Hard Day’s Night with The Beatles.

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