1972 – Silent Running

★★★☆☆ USA. 1h29m. Sci-Fi. Directed by Douglas Trumbull. Written by Deric Washburn, Michael Cimino, Steven Bochco. Cinematography by Charles F. Wheeler. Edited by Aaron Stell. Music by Peter Schickele. Starring Bruce Dern, Cliff Potts, Ron Rifkin, Jesse Vint.

Science fiction with a strong environmentalist message concerning humanity’s attempt to save the Earth’s flora by launching giant greenhouses into space.

1996 – Sunchaser

★★★☆☆ USA. 2h2m. Drama / Thriller. Directed by Michael Cimino. Written by Charles Leavitt. Cinematography by Douglas Milsome. Edited by Joe D’Augustine. Music by Maurice Jarre. Starring Woody Harrelson, Jon Seda, Anne Bancroft, Alexandra Tydings, Matt Mulhern, Talisa Soto.

A 16-year-old juvenile offender (convicted of murdering an abusive stepfather) who is dying of abdominal cancer discovers that he has only one or two months to live and decides to escape. He kidnaps his doctor and forces him to drive to Arizona, to visit a mountain lake sacred to the Navajo people.